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yolk studio.

Our design and development studio creates beautiful, user-friendly digital products. Creative solutions, start to finish.

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Our team enabled Dashly to compare your mortgage against hundreds of market factors and thousands of lender offers daily. Dashly calculates and delivers a real, unbiased mortgage deal the moment it appears.

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Our online resource is packed with fully planned, customizable trips already taken and lovingly shared by a network of travelers like you.
Anywhale is Yolk's own beloved startup and the main reason we founded Yolk Studio.

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We transformed a 300+ page door opener for HR departments into an interactive experience and tool ideal for everyone from CEOs to interns. View Case Study

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Kuberg Volt

We connected and synchronized a range of Kuberg electric motorcycles with our app for iOS and Android, which allows riders to set up, monitor, and update their bikes. View Case Study